Alzheimer-Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful | Lal Path Lab Noida

Alzheimer-Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful | Lal Path Lab Noida

You must have heard about cases where some person has difficulty in remembering recent incidents or events. It is one of the common symptoms. Alzheimer a progressive neurodegenerative disease. It can start with mild memory loss episodes leading to loss of ability to do daily complex activities. Depending upon the condition of the person a different support system is required.

To share a global perspective, according to the ADI (Alzheimer Disease International) report for the year 2019, approx. 50 million people across the world are living with dementia. There are so many organizations working towards supporting people suffering from this disease. According to a survey undertaken by London School of Economics & Political Science in 2019, 2/3rd of the interviewed people think that dementia is caused due to normal ageing. That’s why 95% of respondents think they will develop dementia in their own lifetime.

According to CDC there is increasing evidence that social activities, mental activities & physical activities might reduce the risk of AD. Wikipedia suggests that intellectual activities performed by people such as playing chess or frequent social interactions may reduce the risk of AD.

Let’s think about what we can do to support people suffering from AD…

  1. Help them with regular exercise
  2. Support them to manage high blood pressure, diabetes or any other disease
  3. Help them to maintain mental functions
  4. Support from Family & friends helps a lot
  5. Listen to their opinion and value it. About 85% respondents stated that their opinion is not taken seriously.
  6. Don’t ignore them or make fun of them
  7. Utilize support provided by Govt & other organizations

We all can do our bit to raise awareness about this disease.

World Alzheimer Month (September every year is marked for the same)

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