Tax Saver Health Packages

Tax Saver Health Packages – Tax benefits

Tax Saver Health Packages
Tax Saver Health Packages

Tax Saver Health Packages

Acc. to Sec 80D of the Income Tax Act of India we can get an exemption for the following cases
1. Payment for medical insurance premium (mode other than cash) /contribution to CGHS
2. Payment of medical insurance premium for resident Sr. Citizen – (mode other than cash)
3. Payment made for a preventive health check-up
4. Medical expenditure on the health of Resident very senior citizen for whom no amount is paid to effect/keep in force health) ( mode of payment other than cash )
So, in order to benefit the people at large in tax deduction and in accordance with increased demand here are some of the packages which would benefit you not only in tax deduction but also help you in availing health benefits
1. Swasthfit Tax Saver Basic Health Checkup. Full Body Checkup, 67 Parameters covered
2. Swasthfit Tax Saver Advance Health Checkup. Full Body Checkup, 74 Parameters covered
3. Swasthfit Super 1 Health Checkup, 26 Parameters covered
4. Swasthfit Super 2 Health Checkup, 46 Parameters covered
5. Swasthfit Super 3 Health Checkup, 28 Parameters covered
6. Swasthfit Super 4 Health Checkup, Full body checkup, 48 Parameters covered
12 hours of fasting is required for all these packages. Advance Health Checkup package covers – Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine, Thyroid Profile Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Hemogram, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, HsCRP, Amylase, Iron Studies & more.
All these tests can be done or are available at your doorsteps. Get your package today to avail of maximum tax benefits.
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