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Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria which lives in intestines and bloodstream of humans. It spreads between individuals by direct contact with the faces of an infected person. It might not be an animal transmitted disease.
– It is often passed on through contaminated food & drinking water
– It is prevalent in places where handwashing is less frequent
– The bacteria can stay in the body for minimum of three days & maximum 30 days (although it varies from person to person)
– The bacteria once enters the body affects Liver, Spleen and muscles but if it enters blood stream can effect Gallbladder, Lungs as well as Kidneys.
– Signs and symptoms develop gradually normally appearing one to three weeks after the exposure to the disease.
Person is likely to experience:
– Headache followed by fever that starts low and increases daily reaching to high grade fever
– Sweating following by weakness and fatigue.
– Muscular pain, dry cough
– Loss of appetite followed by weight loss
– Abdominal pain followed by swollen abdomen.
– Constipation or diarrhea.
– Rashes throughout the body

If treatment is not availed in time it may…
– Cause life threatening complications
– Become delirious
– Make person lie motionless & exhausted with eyes half closed.

In case of above symptoms see a doctor and get all the possible tests done ASAP at your doorsteps. #MedShubh

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