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B vitamins

They are a group of eight essential nutrients that play important role in many organs and bodily systems. Although they can work together in the body, they also carry out their unique functions.

B vitamins are important for making sure the body’s cells are functioning properly.

They help the body
– Convert food into energy
– Create new blood cells
– Maintain healthy skin cells
– Maintain healthy brain cells and other body tissues.

There are eight types of B vitamins each with their own function:
1. Thiamin B1
2. Riboflavin B2
3. Niacin B3
4. Vitamin B5 pantothenic acid
5. Vitamin B6
6. Biotin B7
7. Folate B9
8. Vitamin B12

Together they are called vitamin B complex. Vitamins occur together in the same foods, but people may develop B vitamins deficiencies if they do not get enough of the vitamins from the diet or supplements. They may also have a deficiency if their body eliminates too much of them due to certain health conditions and medications or if their body cannot absorb nutrients properly. Get Vitamin B tested at your doorsteps.

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