Thiamin – Vitamin B1 | Lal Path Lab Noida

The heart, Liver, Kidney & Brain all contain high amount of Thiamin. The body needs thiamin for:
– Breaking down sugar molecules from food.
– Creating certain neuro-transmitters (brain chemical)
– Producing fatty acids.
– Synthesizing certain hormones.

Foods with thiamin are:
– Whole grains and fortified bread
– Cereal
– Pasta and rice
– Pork
– Trout
– Mussels
– Legumes such as black beans and soya beans
– Nuts etc.

Symptoms of thiamin deficiency: A person with a thiamin deficiency may experience
– Weight loss
– Little or no appetite
– Memory problems or confusion
– Tingling and numbness in the hands & feet
– Loss of muscle mass
– Poor reflexes

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