Apt Behavior During – COVID | Lal Path Lab Noida

Stay safe, stay healthy and follow a set of 15 promises, needed to follow, as a part of COVID appropriate behavior:-

1.     Greet without physical contact.

2.     Maintain physical distance.

3.     Wear reusable but fresh face cover or mask.

4.     Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

5.     Maintain respiratory hygiene.

6.     Wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds frequently and thoroughly.

7.     Do not chew tobacco, khaini etc. or spit in public places.

8.     Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

9.     Avoid unnecessary travel.

10.  Do not discriminate against anyone.

11.  Discourage crowd and encourage safety.

12.  Do not circulate social media posts which carry unverified or negative information.

13.  Seek information on COVID 19 from credible sources

14.  Call National Toll free helpline 1075 or state helpline numbers for any queries.

15.  Seek psychosocial support for any stress or anxiety.

Be healthy, be safe. #MedShubh

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