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The organs present in the body are susceptible to various types of diseases and conditions, especially Liver and Kidneys. The Liver is the part of the body that tends to fight off bacteria and helps in the removal of toxins and virus from the body.

Following are the signs of damaged liver :
– Yellow skin
– Jaundice
– Swollen abdomen
– Weight loss
– Weakness
– Diarrhea
– Severe itching
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Light colored stools

When a damage incurs in the Liver the level of enzyme ALT or SGPT level in the blood serum rises. Alt enzyme helps in the breaking down of food molecules and transforms them into useful forms of energy. But when the Liver is damaged, the volume of SGPT level rises because Liver has got the highest concentration of SGPT.

Causes of high SGPT :

There are many conditions and diseases, which can result in increased SGPT levels :

– Drinking alcohol
– Acute viral hepatitis A and B
– Diabetes
– Heart attack
– Obesity
– Hepatitis C
– Gall bladder inflammation
– Dermatomyositis

To reduce the SGPT level, diet modifications, are needed i.e. Vitamin D to be increased coupled with some exercises that will help you stay healthy. If you find the warning signs and symptoms, you need to immediately consult your doctor and undergo SGPT blood test.

It is always recommended to have regular whole body checkup with your doctor. The signs and symptoms of SGPT level may not be noticeable immediately, and hence it is always better to have a preventive approach, rather than acting after high level findings.
So, get the SGPT level test done today as a part of preventive health checkup.

Be healthy, be safe. #MedShubh

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