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Mobile Phone Radiation – As mobile radiation is a buzzword in today’s digital world. The more we use mobile phones, the more we might be exposed to the harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by all kinds of wireless communication devices including mobile phones.

Dangers of mobile phones :  Apart from the formal research and time consuming clinical tests that suggests relationship between EMR and health hazards, we also know some of the ill effects of radiation exposure by observation :
– Slightly raised bp
– Direct brain warming after prolonged use, which disperses as soon as you stop using your phone and causes no harm
– Mild fatigue after prolonged use.
– Headache and more

Reduce exposure to phone radiation: Simple precautions to reduce the levels of radiation you absorb from using your phone include:
– Moving your phone 20cm away from your head reduces radiation risk. So instead of placing it under your pillow when going to bed, leave the phone at a bedside table.
– Hands free headsets dramatically reduces radiation emission.
– Try not to chat for hours
– It’s always sensible to take precautions where children are concerned as their developing brains and bodies are far more susceptible to radiation. So, as in tech enabled lifestyle, we are surrounded by many radiation sources.

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