Heart Diseases – Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful

Heart Disease - Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful , Lal path Lab Home Testing
Heart Disease – Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful

Heart Diseases – Early Diagnosis Is Always Helpful

As soon as we hear the word “Heart Disease” the first thing that comes to our mind is “something is serious”. Our heart starts sinking and all types of thoughts will come to our mind. It’s natural to feel that way. But do we know everything about “Heart” or “Heart Diseases”, probably it’s a big “No” for most of the people?

Let’s first understand “How Heart works”. The heart is a fascinating organ which pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout our body to maintain lifeline. It’s a key part of our cardiovascular system, which also includes all blood vessels that carry blood from heat to body and then back to the heart.

Knowledge is key – Besides Age, By Birth & Hereditary, there are a lot of other probable reasons listed on the internet. Here are a few for your references. You can attempt to avoid or minimize the risk by trying to manage these reasons.…

· Tobacco Smoke

· High Blood Cholesterol

· High Blood pressure

· Physical Inactivity

· Obesity / Overweight

· Diabetes

Too much Alcohol & Diet issues can worsen the situation.

Early Diagnosis –

There are Heart Health Checkups (Cholesterol Total, Creatinine, Glucose Fasting, HDL Cholesterol Direct, Lipid Profile, Triglycerides, Urea & Uric acid) available which can be utilized based on your doctor’s suggestions. You can avail Dr Lal Pathlab Home collection or Dr Lal Pathlab near me to book your test.

Stay Healthy & Stay Fit…

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