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Secure 24, Path lab & diagnostic, Automated & Computerized Lab

Main lab: Shop No. B1/39, B Block Market, sector-51, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 200, Near HP Petrol Pump, Noida U.P.
Contact No: 9311101763
email:[email protected]

1(Hb electrophoresis)EDTA 3mlTwo Days1200
224hr urinary creatininUrine 5ml of 24hrSpectrophotometrySame Day400
324hr urinary proteinUrine 5ml of 24hrSpectrophotometrySame Day350
47 Hydroxy ProgesteroneSerum 2mlCLIANext Day600
5A.S.O TitreSerum 2mlAgglutinationSame Day400
6Adenosine Deaminase(ADA)ANYBiochemicalNext Day700
7Absolute Eosinphil Count (AEC)EDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day150
8Absolute neutrophil Count (ANC)EDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day100
9Acid phosphataseSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day O400
10ACTHSerum 2mlCLIANext DayO1300
11AFB Stain (Acid Fast Bacilli)utum/PUS/Fluid/UrineMicroscopySame Day300
12Alkaline PhosphatasSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
13Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day750
14Amoebic SerologySerum 2mlELISANext Day600
15AmylaseSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day400
16AndrostenedioneSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1300
17Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
Serum 3mlCLIANext Day1200
18Anti CCPSerum 2mlELISANext Day1200
19Anti DS DNA AntibodySerum 2mlELISANext Day1050
20Anti nuclear antibodies (ANA)Serum 2mlELISANext Day800
21Antiphosphoilpid IgASerum 2mlELISANext Day1300
22Antiphosphoilpid IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1300
23Antisperm antibodySerum 2mlELISANext Day1300
24Beta-HCG (Total)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day700
25Beta-HCG (Free)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day1300
26Bilirubin T.D.ISerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day100 each
27Biopsy - D&C/CervicalTissueMicroscopy4-6 days600
28Biopsy-LargeTissueMicroscopy4-6 days1500
29Biopsy-SmallTissueMicroscopy4-6 days800
30Bleeding Time (BT & CT)Blood ProcedManualSame Day100
31Blood Group ABO & RhEDTA 2mlSlide/Tube MethodSame Day100
32CA-125Serum 2mlCLIANext Day1100
33CA-15.3Serum 2mlCLIANext Day1300
34CA-19.9Serum 2mlCLIANext Day1300
35CalcitoninSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1700
36CalciumSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day140
37Carbamazapine/TegritolSerum 3mlCLIANext Day1200
38Cardiolipin Antibodies IgASerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
39Cardiolipin Antibodies IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
40Cardiolipin Antibodies IgM (ACL)Serum 2mlELISANext Day1000
41CBC with ESREDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day350
42CD-4Serum 2mlCLIA48-72 hrs2200
43CD-8Serum 2mlCLIA48-72 hrs2200
44CEASerum 2mlCLIANext Day1000
45Chikungunnya AntibodiesSerum 2mlChromatographyNext Day1200
46ChlorideSerum 2mlBiochemicalSame Day200
47CholesterolSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
48Clot retraction Test (CRT)EDTA 2mlSame Day100
49Complement C3Serum 2mlCLIANext Day800
50Complement C4Serum 2mlCLIANext Day800
51Coomb's test - DirectEDTA 2mlCoomb'sSame Day700
52Coomb's test - IndirectEDTA 2mlCoomb'sSame Day700
53CortisolSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
54Cortisol - EveningSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
55Cortisol - MorningSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
56Cortisol - URINEURINECLIANext Day1000
57C-PeptideSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1000
58CPKSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day500
59CPK-MBSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day500
60CreatinineSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
61CRP (Qualitative)Serum 2mlAgglutinationSame Day500
62CRP (Quantitative)Serum 2mlTurbidometrySame Day800
63Culcture & Sensitivity-AerobicUr/St/Pu/FlMicrobiology48 hours350
64Culcture & Sensitivity-BloodBlood 5mlMicrobiology72 hours550
65Cysticercosis SerologySerum 2mlELISANext Day1600
66Cytomegalo Virus IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1250
67Cytomegalo Virus IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day1250
68D.L.CEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day100
69Dengue NS1 AntigenSerum 2mlChromatographySame Day600
70Dengue Serology IgG & IgmSerum 2mlChromatographySame Day600
71DHEASSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1400
72DHEAS (SULPHATE)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day900
73Dilantin/Eptoin/PhenytoinSerum 3mlCLIANext Day1200
74Double Marker (PAPPA & HCG)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day2600
75E.S.REDTA 2mlRUBELLASame Day100
76Electrolytes (Na & K)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day250
77Estradiol (E2)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day850
78RA Factor (Qualitative)Serum 2mlSame Day800
79RA Factor (Quantitative)Serum 2mlSame Day350
80FerritinSerum 3mlCLIANext Day700
81Filarial AntibodySerum 2mlELISANext Day1300
82Fluid For maligant CellFluidMicroscopyNext Day800
83FNACAspiration SmearsMicroscopyNext Day800
84Folic AcidSerum 3mlCLIANext Day1000
85Free Thyroids (FT3, FT4,TSH)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day800
86FSHSerum 2mlCLIANext Day500
87Fungal StainSputum/PUS/Fluid/Urin
MicrobiologySame Day500
88G6PDEDTA 2mlBiochemicalSame Day1000
89GGTFluid 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day250
90Glucose Challenge test (GCT)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day250
91Glucose Tolerance test (GTT)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day350
92Gram Stainutum/PUS/Fluid/UrineMicroscopySame Day250
93Groeth HormoneSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1000
94HbA1CEDTA 3mlHPLCNext Day550
95H.Pylori Antibodies IgASerum 2mlELISANext Day1400
96H.Pylori Antibodies IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1400
97H.Pylori Antibodies IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day1400
98HaemoglobinEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day100
99HaemogramEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day250
100Hb F/ Hb A2 by HPLCEDTA 2mlHPLCNext Day1200
101HG+PSEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day300
102HBc (Core) Total antibodiesSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
103HBc (Core)Antibody IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
104Hbe(envelope) AntibodySerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
105Hbe(envelope) AntigenSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
106Hbs Ag (Australia Antigen)Serum 2mlMembrance ELISASame Day250
107Hbs Ag TitreSerum 2mlELISANext Day800
108HBs AntibodiesSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
109HBV DNA Copies (Quantitative)EDTA 2mlRT-PCR3-4 days4500
110HCG-Urine Pregnancy testUrineKit MethodSame Day100
111HCV antibodies titreSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
112HCV RNA Copies (Quantitative)EDTA 2mlRT-PCR3-4 days6000
113HDL CholestrolSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
114Hepatites A Virus Total AntibodiesSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
115Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
116Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
117Hepatites E Virus (HEV) IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
118Hepatites E Virus (HEV) IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day1000
119Herpes 1&2 IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day900
120Herpes 1&2 IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day900
121HIV Ag & Ab 4th GenSerum 2mlELISANext Day500
122HIV Elisa (Microwell)Serum 2mlELISANext Day600
123HIV I & II (Dot Method)Serum 2mlMembrance ELISASame Day400
124HIV Viral Load (HIV RNA Copies)EDTA 2mlRT-PCR3-4 days6000
125HIV Western BlotSerum 2mlChromatographyNext Day3000
126HLA B-27 (Flowcytometry)EDTA 2mlCLIA48-72 hrs2200
127HLA B-27 (PCR)EDTA 2mlCLIA48-72 hrs3200
128HomocysteineSerum 3mlCLIANext Day1500
129HPV DNA (Typing)Cervical SmearsRT-PCR3-4 days3500
130Hydatid / EcinococcusSerum 2mlELISANext Day1400
131Ionic CalciumSerum 2mlAnalyzerSame Day350
132Kidney Function Test (KFT)Serum 3mlSpectrophotometrySame Day600
133LDHFluid 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day400
134LDHSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day400
135Leishmania AntibodiesSerum 2mlELISANext Day1700
136LHSerum 2mlCLIANext Day500
137LipaseSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day350
138Lipid ProfileSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day600
139LithiumSerum 2mlBiochemicalSame Day750
140Liver Function Test (LFT)Serum 3mlSpectrophotometrySame Day500
141Lupus anticoagulantCitrated Plasma (2ml)CoagulometerSame Day1500
142MagnesiumSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day600
143Malaria AntigenEDTA 2mlImmunochromatogSame Day500
144M.P. (Peripheral smear)EDTA 2mlMicroscopySame Day100
145Measles Antibodies IgGSerum 2mlELISA3 day1000
146Measles Antibodies IgMSerum 2mlELISA3 day1000
147Mumps Antibodies IgGSerum 2mlELISA3 day1200
148Mumps Antibodies IgMSerum 2mlELISA3 day1200
149P.T.T.& A.P.T.TCitrated Plasma (2ml)CoagulometerSame Day400
150Pap SmearPrerared SmearsMicroscopyNext Day700
151Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day1300
152Peripheral smear for LD bodiesEDTA 2mlMicroscopySame Day200
153Peripheral smear for M.PEDTA 2mlMicroscopySame Day100
154Peripheral smear for MicrofilariaEDTA 2mlMicroscopySame Day300
155Peripheral smear for TOAEDTA 2mlMicroscopySame Day150
156PhenobarbitoneSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1000
157PhosphorusSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day200
158Platelet CountEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day150
159Progesterone (P4)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day750
160ProlactinSerum 2mlCLIANext Day550
161Protein electrophoresisSerum 3mlElectrophoresisNext Day1300
162Prothrombin Time (PT)Citrated Plasma (2ml)CoagulometerSame Day350
163PSA-FreeSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1000
164PSA-TotalSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
165R.B.C CountEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day100
166Reticulocyte CountEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day200
167Rh.Antibody TitreSerum 2mlCoomb'sSame Day250
168R.A Factor (QUALITATIVE)Serum 2mlAgglutinationSame Day300
169Rubella IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day750
170Rubella IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day550
171S.InsulinSerum 2mlCLIANext Day650
172S.Insulin-FastinSerum 2mlCLIANext Day650
173S.insulin-PPSerum 2mlCLIANext Day650
174S.IgA ImmunogloulinSerum 2mlTurbidometry3-4 Days900
175Semen Analysis (R/E)utum/PUS/Fluid/UrineMicroscopySame Day300
176Serology (IgG Antibodies)Serum 2mlELISANext Day2000
177Serology (IgM Antibodies)Serum 2mlELISANext Day2000
178Serum IronSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day300
179SGOTSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
180SGPTSerum 3mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
181Stone analysisStoneBiochemicalNext Day500
182Stool For Occult BloodStool 5mlBiochemicalSame Day150
183Stool For Reducing substancesStool 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
184Stool For Virio cholera (Hanging
Stool 5mlMicroscopySame Day250
185Stool PHStool 5mlBiochemicalSame Day100
186Stool (R/M)Stool 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
187Sugar Fasting & PPSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day160
188Sugar Fasting (BSF)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day80
189Sugar PP (BSPP)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day80
190Sugar Random (BSR)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day80
191T.B. (PCR)EDTART-PCR3-4 days2500
192TB GOLDHeparin3-4 days2500
193T.L.CEDTA 2mlCell CounterSame Day100
194Testosterone-FreeSerum 2mlCLIANext Day1100
195Testosterone-TotalSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
196Thyroglobulim (TGA) AntibodiesSerum 2mlELISANext Day900
197TIBCSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day400
198Tissue Transglutamine IgA,TtG IgASerum 2mlCLIANext Day1500
199Troch 10 (Any Ten)Serum 2mlELISANext Day2300
200Troch 4 (Any Four)Serum 2mlELISANext Day1100
201Total 8 (Any Eight)Serum 2mlCLIANext Day2000
202Total ProteinsSerum 2mlAnalyzerSame Day120
203TSHSerum 2mlCLIANext Day200
204T3, T4, TSHSerum 2mlCLIANext Day500
205Toxoplasma IgGSerum 2mlELISANext Day700
206Toxoplasma IgMSerum 2mlELISANext Day700
207TPHA (Treponnemal pallidum
Serum 2mlHaemagglutinationSame Day600
208TPHA TitreSerum 2mlHaemagglutinationSame Day600
209TriglyceridesSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day200
210Triple MakerSerum 2mlCLIANext Day2700
211Troponin T (Trop-T)Serum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day1500
212Typhidot IgM & IgGSerum 2mlMembrance ELISASame Day400
213UreaSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day150
214Uric AcidSerum 2mlSpectrophotometrySame Day120
215Urinary ChlorideUrineSpectrophotometrySame Day100
216Urinary protine/ Creatine ratioUrine 5ml 24hrSpectrophotometrySame Day500
217Urine For Bence jone's ProteinUrine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day700
218Urine For Bile PigmentUrine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
219Urine For Bile SaltUrine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
220Urine For Ketone BodiesUrine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
221Urine For UrobillinogenUrine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day150
222Urine MicroalbuminUrineSpectrophotometrySame Day450
223Urine (R/M)Urine 5mlBiochemicalSame Day120
224ValproateSerum 2mlCLIANext Day800
225VDRLSerum 2mlAgglutinationSame Day120
227VDRL TitreSerum 2mlTurbidometrySame Day900
228Vitamin - D3 (25-hydroxy)Serum 3mlCLIANext Day1600
229Vitamin B-12 LevelsSerum 3mlCLIANext Day900
230WidalSerum 2mlSlide/Tube methodNext Day120