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It is a blood test which is basically used to aid in the evaluation and management of liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis occurs when the healthy tissue of your liver becomes scarred and therefore cannot work as well. The fibrosis stages range from F0 to F4.
– F0 – no fibrosis
– F1 – portal fibrosis without septa
– F2 – portal fibrosis with few septa
– F3 – numerous septa without cirrhosis
– F4 – Cirrhosis

2. Liver fibrosis occurs after a person experiences injury or inflammation in the liver. The liver cells stimulate wound healing. During this healing excess proteins build up in the liver which forms scar tissue or fibrosis that adds up to damaged liver.
There are several types of liver diseases that can cause fibrosis. These include
– Autoimmune hepatitis
– Biliary obstruction
– Iron overload
– Non-alcoholic fatty liver
– Alcoholic liver disease
– Viral hepatitis B and C

3. Symptoms of liver fibrosis – Its bit difficult to diagnose liver fibrosis in its mild to moderate stages because liver fibrosis doesn’t show any symptoms until most of the liver is damaged. Symptoms may include
– Appetite loss
– Difficulties in thinking clearly
– Fluid build-up in the legs or stomach
– Jaundice
– Nausea
– Unexplained weight loss
– Weakness

4. Treatment usually depends upon the underlying cause of fibrosis. In case of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease doctor may suggest change in diet n medication for blood sugar controls. In case alcoholic liver disease you may be recommended treatment program to leave drinking.

5. If a person’s liver fibrosis advances to where their liver is very scarred and doesn’t work, a person’s only treatment is to receive a liver transplant.

6. So, if you develop a few of the above symptoms, see a doctor and get the fibrometer test done today.

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